Random Password Generator for MacOS 10.7

I recently downloaded from the App Store a wonderful tool called Little Ipsum. Simple system tray based app that would allow you to quickly and easily generate 1-3 words, 1-3 lines or 1-3 paragraphs of Lorem Ipsum. This was quite handy as my previous process was opening a new browser tab and heading to HTML-Ipsum, which is still an incredibly handy website but just too slow a process.

This got me thinking of other processes I frequently use websites for that could be replaced by a simple System Tray app. So I went looking for a random password generator. I generate a lot of passwords throughout the day. Some tools (I.e PHPMyAdmin) provide wonderful password generators inline, where as many others don’t. Sadly I couldn’t find anything as simple as I wanted on the App Store, so I saw this as an opportunity to brush up on my Cocoa coding skills. I honestly had not touched Xcode in 5-6 years, but this seemed like a simple enough project to get my hands dirty.

So a couple of hours later, most of which was spent watching Youtube user AppleProgramming super helpful videos I had my app. As simple as it is I haven’t greatly tested it, but it all seems to be working well. My only issue remaining is the Preferences window doesn’t seem to display at the front when initialised, but that’s not the end of the world.

6CM Password Generator 1.0 for MacOS 10.7 (47kb)